Wiggly T Vest


Wiggly vests are aimed to make access to central lines easy for younger children and babies.

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Get Involved

If you would like to help us in our mission to keep Wiggly T shirts FREE to families with a seriously ill child, there a so many ways that you can get involved.

Don’t get me wrong, we love donations! No matter how big or how small they all help us continue to do what we do. If, however you want to get involved in another way you can do more that fund a T shirt, you could host an event, take on a challenge and fundraise, join us at one of our events this year, join our sewing army of volunteers or help us cut fabric kits for sewists too.

Take a look at the links below for ways to get involved.
We are based in Stroud, UK
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09:00am - 14:30pm
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