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If you would like to help us reach more families across the UK, we’d LOVE you to fundraise for us.
Wherever your interests lie, there’s an opportunity to help us raise funds doing what you love.

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Do get in touch and we can support you in your fundraising at We recommend Justgiving crowdfunder pages to help collect your donations.

Go Gold!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month #CCAM

We sell our Gold Magic Happens Sweatshirts throughout the year through our shop too – All profits from these Sales goes to helping us fund more Wiggly T shirts for families across the UK for FREE!

Will you help us raise awareness of the ever rising rate of childhood cancer and wear your Gold ribbon with pride through the month.

We will be selling our own gold badges throughout August and September too via our shop.
Rates of Childhood cancer are rising! While many new drugs are being developed for adult cancers, childhood cancer is falling behind in research terms.

Many of the drugs used have remained the same for 50 years. Childhood cancers are NOT the same as adult cancers. We urgently need kinder treatments for fast growing bodies.

1 in 10 children diagnosed will not survive treatment and there are many childhood cancers that have no set treatment protocol. Help us spread awareness and support research that prioritises childhood cancers like CCLG (Childhood cancer and Leukaemia Group)
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