Corporate Donations: Partnering for a Cause

We believe in the power of collaboration and the significant impact that corporate partnerships can have on the lives of children battling cancer.
We invite businesses and corporations to join us in our mission to provide comfort and support through our specially designed T shirts and vests for children undergoing cancer treatment. Your corporate donations can play a pivotal role in expanding our ability to help these courageous young people.

Our Current Corporate Partners:

Our Historic Corporate Partners:

Why Partner with Wiggly T?

Make a Tangible Impact
Your contributions directly support the production and distribution of Wiggly T shirts, offering comfort to children during their challenging treatment journey.
Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility
Aligning with Wiggly T reflects your commitment to social responsibility, showcasing your company's dedication to meaningful causes.
Employee Engagement
Engage your employees in a cause that makes a real difference, fostering a sense of purpose and teamwork within your organisation.
Brand Visibility
Partnership with Wiggly T offers visibility and recognition as a supporter of a noble cause, enhancing your brand image and goodwill among your customers and the wider community.

How Can Your Business Help?

Financial Contributions
Direct donations can significantly aid in the manufacturing and gifting of Wiggly T shirts to hospitals and families across the UK.
Matching Gift Programmes
Encourage philanthropy among your employees by matching their donations to Wiggly T, doubling the impact of their contributions.
Awareness & Fundraising Events
Host or sponsor fundraising events, with proceeds supporting Wiggly T’s mission. Events can range from charity runs to gala dinners or corporate challenges.
In-Kind Support
Contributions such as materials, printing services or logistics support can be invaluable in reducing our operational costs.


We rely on your donations to be able to provide our T shirts to children with cancer.  If you have an idea for a fundraising event or challenge, please get in touch!
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